New CozyPhones Pre-Sale

Three new CozyPhones Originals are now available featuring a furry maned lion, a pink kitty with adorable sparkly bow and a dress up pirate hat!

These comfortable, washable, fleece headband headphones were designed for CozyPhones by Dawn Carrington at Kiddithinks Children’s Design Studio and are available at a pre-sale discount of $19.97 ( regular price $29.97) from

Order now for November delivery!

CozyPhones pre-sale

Cute, Farmyard-Themed, Baby Bibs by Blyssful designed by Dawn Carrington at

Now available from Amazon, these cute and colorful bibs for baby girls feature adorable farmyard prints including cows, sheep, chickens, ducks and seasonal fruits, all designed by Dawn Carrington of Kiddithinks Children’s Design Studio.

And with 12 different designs in each set, you’ll have fun matching these accessories with all your baby's clothes.

  • 👶 LESS MESS DURING MEALTIME - Our super absorbent bibs protect your newborn from drool, liquids, and solid foods. They're reusable and easy to wash for busy parents, with a longer-lasting fabric that doesn't shrink or bleed in the washing machine!

  • 👶 SAFE FOR BABY'S SKIN – A dual-layer design keeps your toddler extra safe! We use 100% safe and hypoallergenic cotton on the front for the best absorption and a soft polyester fleece back layer to keep your baby dry. Perfect for kids with sensitive skin or prone to drool rashes and allergies.

  • 👶 LOOSE & COMFORTABLE FIT - Keep your infant comfy as they eat with a wide, adjustable neckline that comes in 3 sizes! Our bibs don't use velcro (which could irritate your child's skin) or string (which can be hard to remove), and instead fastens into place easily with a simple push.

    Bibs for baby boys will be available soon!

    Buy them here!

When Darth Vader helped us cross the road (and how great kid's design saved the day!)

When I was growing up in England in the seventies, child safety meant being bombarded with endless public information commercials about fastening your seatbelt. Charlie the cartoon cat warned us not to get into cars with strangers and The Green Cross Code guy and glam-rocker Alvin Stardust advised us about crossing the road. ( Obviously the ‘talking to strangers ‘ bit didn’t apply to discussing road safety with strange men in green tights ). 

Green Cross Code

These days being safe is a lot more fun thanks to some great and innovative kid's design. Glow in the dark accessories and LED backpacks ensure children are seen in the dark, inflatable vests and water wings with 3D characters make learning to swim fun.

Spy cameras concealed in a novelty hats and GPS camera watches may be a bit ‘Black Mirror’, but do reassure anxious parents that any potential Gary Glitters approaching their child saying ‘You wanna be in my gang?’ are kept at a safe distance.

Here are some of my picks for fun designs that make sure kids enjoy being safe. Children's product design has improved considerably since the seventies!

Things turned out pretty well for the Green Cross Code guy too as he ( actor David Prowse) later became Darth Vader! So Just remember kids; Don’t get into any Imperial Star Destroyers with strange men in black helmets! 

Sunnylife  inflatable armbands

Sunnylife inflatable armbands


by Dawn Carrington

Dawn Carrington is Creative Director and designer at design studio dedicated to all aspects of children's design. Go to to find out more.

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Newsday names CozyPhones one of the hottest toys for 2018!

At the 115th annual North American International Toy Fair at the Javits Center, Newsday announced its top picks for the hottest toys for 2018 and on that shortlist were Paw Patrol headband headphones designed by Dawn Carrington at

The competition was fierce with more than 1,000 companies debuting toys for 2018.

CozyPhones CEO and creator Paul Miller had already built huge business with his CozyPhones Originals on Amazon and brought in Dawn Carrington as a designer and licensing consultant to help win his Nickelodeon license and to design the licensed character product, packaging and to manage the approval process. Jojo Siwa CozyPhones will be following in 2018 along with other Nickelodeon characters and CozyPhones Originals.

So successful was the launch of the Chase, Marshall and Skye headbands online for Holiday 2017 that CozyPhones formed an alliance with Wicked Cool Toys who's marketing expertise will be taking the brand global.


Sign up at CozyPhones for news of special offers or buy them on Find out more about Dawn Carrington children's design services including kid's clothing, bags, accessories, toys, packaging and branding at kiddithinks,

Congratulations to the CozyPhones team! Its been an honor and a pleasure!

ChaseCozyPhones Headband Headphones designed by D Carrington
Paul Miller and Dawn Carrington NYC TOY FAIR 2018
Wicked Cool Toys Display at NYC Toy Fair 2018

Kiddithinks helps CozyPhones to Nickelodeon success.

CozyPhones have partnered with Nickelodeon to launch their first ever licensed character headband headphones for kids- just in time for the Holidays.

The super-comfortable, washable, fleece headbands containing extra thin, adjustable speakers, feature characters from Nickelodeon’s hit show Paw Patrol. Part quality headphone, part fun dress-up accessory, they appeal to kids who dislike bulky heads or earbuds and are great for travel and sleeping. With its successful line of generic character headband headphones, owner Paul Miller hired a select team of consultants to help navigate the uncharted territory of licensing.

Dawn Carrington at Kiddithinks Children’s Design Studio took creative direction, putting together an attractive license pitch presentation, licensed product designs, branded packaging and managed the approval process through to production.  With the addition of its new licensing deal with Nickelodeon, CozyPhones anticipates overall sales of 10,000,000 in 2018 with JoJo Siwa, Shimmer and Shine and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for launch in 2018.

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What Makes a Horrible Toy Design?

Who knows what makes the most appealing toys for children? Children !!

This Toy Box panel of 7, 8 and 9 year old experts dished the dirt to tell parents what the most common mistakes parents they are making with their gift purchases and what makes a 'horrible toy'. 

1) Poor quality toys that break when being played with

2) Gets boring quickly. Must have the ability to continue to engage a child.

3) Being bought a toy for the inappropriate age group-too young or too difficult.

4) Purely educational rather than fun.

So pick something well designed, interactive, creative , portable ( and preferably indestructible ) to avoid your gift ending up in the 'horrible' toy box!

The Toy Box
ormerly known as Liquid Art, Artsplash beat out over 35 toy inventions to win ABC's "The Toy Box."

ormerly known as Liquid Art, Artsplash beat out over 35 toy inventions to win ABC's "The Toy Box."



Kid's Apparel with Super-Hero Powers?

When high tech meets fashion the effect can be electrifying-literally!  This waterproof, solar powered jacket from Volleback contains a phosphorescent, chemical compound that allows it to 'power up' in sunlight and then emit a phosphorescent glow at night.  Currently aimed at adventurous adults, I think this technology would be fantastic for kids' outerwear. Imagine a child's delight at developing glowing, superhero powers after dark, whilst the parent appreciates the benefits of night-time road safety.


Dawn Carrington is a freelance designer of all kinds of children's apparel, accessories and product at

Disney Princess' Dream Big Campaign for girls of Action

Disney has launched its 'Dream Big' photography campaign to support Girl Up's Leadership development programs using the Disney princess brand to inspire and educate girls to "take action and advocate for themselves and girls globally, giving them empowering tools to transform the world". Disney has an interesting challenge on its hands to build on the successful Princess brand without succumbing to dated,  feminine cliches. How do you keep the classic, fairytale Princess, who's traditional concept revolves around little more than dressing up and making herself pretty, relevant to the modern, active and aspirational little girl? With this promotion Disney is cleverly challenging its own stereotypes. Refreshingly, the girls in this campaign are sporty, real and pro-active.  And who says you can't play soccer in a Cinderella ballgown?


Dawn Carrington is a freelance designer of all kinds of children's apparel, accessories and product at

The 3 Meter Children's Book by Cléa Dieudonné

My artistic career can be traced back to infancy when my insatiable appetite for drawing demanded a limitless supply of paper to scribble on.

Fortunately my father was a painter and decorator and would supply me with huge, industrial sized rolls of white, wall lining paper. Off I would go, illustrating the story playing my head like a streaming cartoon, without ever having to start a new page. It occupied me for hours.

So coming across this delightful, 3 meter story book 'Megalopolis' by illustrator Cléa Dieudonné brought it all back. "Instead of reading from left to right, viewers navigate the book vertically – each panel folds out to reveal a new part of the story and a new section of Megalopolis, stretching from the clouds to dwellings hidden deep underground."

The fascinating detail and adorable  illustrations will no doubt entertain children for days. The original layout is quite inspiring and wets my appetite for a new project.

I think I feel a visit to Home Depot coming on....


Dawn Carrington is a freelance designer of all kinds of children's apparel, accessories and product at


ModBods Doll Pillows; 1960's mod inspired toys and decor

Fans of 60's design will love these 1960's style mod rag dolls with their groovy 1960's outfits suitable as both a child's toy for the mini mods in our lives or a novelty piece of decor for your adult, retro pad.  

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‘Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice’ Toys Designed By Kiddithinks For

In the Spring of 2016 one of the UK’s most ubiquitous advertising campaigns for on-line insurance  ‘’ launched a new promotional campaign to co-inside with the Warner Bros movie ‘Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice’. 

The choice of a meerkat Batman or Superman toy with little outfits designed by Kiddithinks Children’s Design Studio and produced by JoGroup Ltd, was on offer to customers buying an insurance product through between March and June 2016 .

An extensive TV advertising campaign saw our cuddly, costumed characters on every screen in the UK! Kiddithinks has had a long relationship designing updates of these popular meerkat toys , including the creation of Baby Oleg himself. So watch out for forthcoming adorable Kiddithinks toy designs in the Meerkat Movies series! 

Whilst originally only available as a 'gift with purchase' they can now be bought on Amazon.

Available Now! Driving With Kids Car Seat Trays Designed By Kiddithinks

Available now on Amazon are these practical, fun, travel trays for buggies, strollers and car seats featuring colorful interactive artwork by Dawn Carrington of Kiddithinks Children Design Studio. 

Driving With Kids (DWK), are a company in the Uk with a new vision for traveling with kids: children are quiet and entertained, messes are contained, and parents are happy and relaxed.  Their innovative products are hand-selected to lend comfort, calm, and convenience to every excursion. No more longing for family car, bus, plane, or train rides to just end already. Now you can sit back and enjoy the journey, together. 

Scoring high in customer satisfaction, these car trays come in pink girl's and blue boy's versions with an entertaining scene of pathways featuring pretty, Princess themed elements and characters for the girls and boys can take the jeep's jungle road through a detailed landscape of comic dinosaurs encouraging interaction and a welcome diversion in long journeys.

Buy them here at;

Claire's Stores Holiday campaign features Kiddithink's Gingerbread People

If you visit a Claires Accessories store this Holiday season you’ll find little gingerbread people EVERYWHERE! These cute little gingerbread characters were designed by Dawn Carrington at Kiddithinks and are featured throughout Claire’s Accessories Holiday range this season in the form of cell cases, coin purses, novelty headbands, earrings. jewelry, cosmetics and even on a selfie stick ! And you can wrap your holiday gift in gingerbread packaging!

You can buy online at

Look out for our promotional graphics for Claire’s Black Friday’ sale too!

New Princess Ella line available at Dunnes Stores

A pretty, new line of Princess Ella girl's nightwear designed by Dawn Carrington at Kiddithinks for J4 Apparel is now available in Dunnes Stores this Holiday season. This beautiful new Princess license, including pyjamas, robes, night dresses and dolls were designed by Dawn as an exclusive for Dunnes along with all character creation, print and textile design as well as a potential line of stationery, bags and room decor ( not yet available). It is hoped that this will go on to be a seasonal range.

You can buy these cute children's fashions at

If you are interested in developing an exclusive license or range for your market, contact Profit share partnerships considered.