Disney Princess' Dream Big Campaign for girls of Action

Disney has launched its 'Dream Big' photography campaign to support Girl Up's Leadership development programs using the Disney princess brand to inspire and educate girls to "take action and advocate for themselves and girls globally, giving them empowering tools to transform the world". Disney has an interesting challenge on its hands to build on the successful Princess brand without succumbing to dated,  feminine cliches. How do you keep the classic, fairytale Princess, who's traditional concept revolves around little more than dressing up and making herself pretty, relevant to the modern, active and aspirational little girl? With this promotion Disney is cleverly challenging its own stereotypes. Refreshingly, the girls in this campaign are sporty, real and pro-active.  And who says you can't play soccer in a Cinderella ballgown?


Dawn Carrington is a freelance designer of all kinds of children's apparel, accessories and product at kiddithinks.com