The 3 Meter Children's Book by Cléa Dieudonné

My artistic career can be traced back to infancy when my insatiable appetite for drawing demanded a limitless supply of paper to scribble on.

Fortunately my father was a painter and decorator and would supply me with huge, industrial sized rolls of white, wall lining paper. Off I would go, illustrating the story playing my head like a streaming cartoon, without ever having to start a new page. It occupied me for hours.

So coming across this delightful, 3 meter story book 'Megalopolis' by illustrator Cléa Dieudonné brought it all back. "Instead of reading from left to right, viewers navigate the book vertically – each panel folds out to reveal a new part of the story and a new section of Megalopolis, stretching from the clouds to dwellings hidden deep underground."

The fascinating detail and adorable  illustrations will no doubt entertain children for days. The original layout is quite inspiring and wets my appetite for a new project.

I think I feel a visit to Home Depot coming on....


Dawn Carrington is a freelance designer of all kinds of children's apparel, accessories and product at