When Darth Vader helped us cross the road (and how great kid's design saved the day!)

When I was growing up in England in the seventies, child safety meant being bombarded with endless public information commercials about fastening your seatbelt. Charlie the cartoon cat warned us not to get into cars with strangers and The Green Cross Code guy and glam-rocker Alvin Stardust advised us about crossing the road. ( Obviously the ‘talking to strangers ‘ bit didn’t apply to discussing road safety with strange men in green tights ). 

Green Cross Code

These days being safe is a lot more fun thanks to some great and innovative kid's design. Glow in the dark accessories and LED backpacks ensure children are seen in the dark, inflatable vests and water wings with 3D characters make learning to swim fun.

Spy cameras concealed in a novelty hats and GPS camera watches may be a bit ‘Black Mirror’, but do reassure anxious parents that any potential Gary Glitters approaching their child saying ‘You wanna be in my gang?’ are kept at a safe distance.

Here are some of my picks for fun designs that make sure kids enjoy being safe. Children's product design has improved considerably since the seventies!

Things turned out pretty well for the Green Cross Code guy too as he ( actor David Prowse) later became Darth Vader! So Just remember kids; Don’t get into any Imperial Star Destroyers with strange men in black helmets! 

Sunnylife  inflatable armbands

Sunnylife inflatable armbands


by Dawn Carrington

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