Dawn has a 100% client satisfaction rate on Elance, having been reviewed consistently as 5 out of 5 on quality, expertise, cost, schedule , responsiveness and professionalism.

Paul Miller CEO/ Owner CozyPhones

Dawn's amazing design and project management skills helped to make our first CozyPhones licensed product a hit! Our goal was to take CozyPhones into licensed product for the first time and we hired Dawn as a creative consultant to help us put together our successful Nickelodeon license pitch and to translate our products into licensed designs and branding including product, graphics and packaging. 
Dawn's experience with approvals process, superior design skills, and cheerful attitude, gave confidence to our licensor and accelerated our production timeline, resulting in an extremely successful product launch.

Nick Adams MD JOI LTD UK

"The easiest recommendation I have ever been asked to give. I regularly hire Dawn on a freelance basis to produce everything from pitch boards to precise design specs for factories. We specialise in high quality, bespoke customer incentive schemes, so the variety of product areas Dawn is asked to design includes everything from Plush Toys and Clothing to hard lines products such as Head Phones and Stylus Pens.""Dawn needs little direction, she is precise, imaginative, intuitive, and punctual - which means that she works out to be very cost effective as her work has a high success rate"

Lami Opawale-Owner Kidin Kidi ( Nigeria)

"Wonderful, job done was so on point you will think she lives with me and She has gone above and beyond expectations. She is so knowledgeable and takes you along the whole process. Her mission is not just to do a job but to help you succeed. I will continue to work with her and most definitely refer her to others."

Swarnie Condon Owner Car Spotto ( Australia )

"Dawn has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. This is just the start and I will be awarding Dawn with a lot more work. Dawn's profile was looking for in my search and  she has delivered on all levels, not just in the design phase, but her expertise and guidance in merchandising and licensing concepts.. I'm looking forward to learning so much more from her in due course as mu project comes to fruition. If only she could move to Australia."

Gillian Adams-Director of Buying at Polo Ralph Lauren (Europe)

"I first had the pleasure of working with Dawn in 1997 when she designed ranges of children's apparel and accessories for the European market. I have chosen to work with her on several other projects ; apparel, loungewear, swimwear and accessories during my career and have no hesitation in highly recommending her creativity,attention to detail and her fantastic personality." 

Dan Sabbah -Owner Global Way Accessories LLC ( New York )

"Dawn is a very prolific, creative designer who lead the creative direction and designed much of the toddler's and girl's lines at Global Design Concepts. I would particularly recommend her excellent, computer graphics skills."A very innovative designer who, in both artwork and product design, knows how to combine originality with commerciality which translates into sales. I would happily work with her again."

Tina Spagnola-EVP FAB Starpoint ( New York )

Dawn is extremely creative. Artistically thinks outside the box on any given project which adds a unique and valuable perspective to her design elements. Dawn is terrific at pulling together trends as well as being able to interpret those trends for a specific customer and or targeted age segmentation.
Dawn is energetic, enthusiastic, and a great team player. She is adept at moving from one project to another easily. Dawn would be a great asset to have on your team!"

Kevin Salisbury-Owner Driving With Kids ( UK )

"Wow - I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Dawn. She did a truly brilliant design for me that was way better than I had hoped for. Dawn listened to my needs and came up with an image that was perfect, although she gave me the option for minor revisions I didn't need any as the design was simply awesome. I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn to anyone (except that I would like to keep her just to work for me!!). Brilliant designer - highly recommended!"

Cory Waisner - Executive VP at Global Design Concepts Inc.( New York )

Dawn was a very valuable asset to our design team. We worked together for many years and might I add, as Dawn had first come to us after working/designing in Europe, she brought an extra flair to her creative designs thus helping us expand not only our US based business but overseas business as well. Her desire to create and expand after projects were given out not only by our head of design but also special projects handed out by our licensors made her invaluable. She performed great under pressure and all her presentations were top notch. We were sorry to see her go but after many years of working at our firm she wanted to expand her expertise and also learn new and different aspects besides our bag business so we didn't want to hold her back. She would be a great asset to any company that would welcome her, whether for childrens or adult designing! She worked well with the team and also added a lot to the newness we tried to show each season." 

Jeffrey Fisher - VP Licensing and Strategic Marketing, Eny ( California )

"Dawn is a highly creative and motivative individual. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her innovative thinking fresh and unique. She is a great team player, works efficiently and meets deadlines as outlined. I would recommend Dawn as a positive addition to any creative project or team."

Lyle Warnke-Owner Puppy Kisses

"Dawn exceeded expectations with her design, creativity and thoughtfulness of the subject matter.I highly recommend Dawn for creative design projects."

Elaine Stewart - Senior Fabric Manager at Nautica/ Owner Backpack Kids

I highly recommend Dawn. As I found her to be extremely creative and very knowledgeable about the industry. She is a pleasure to work with, and her aim is to provide the best product to her client. I look forward to working with her on many other projects in the future.